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If you enjoy the small details of your daily life, if only you define your style, if nothing can stop you when you pursue a goal, if you take care of the planet just as it takes care of you, if you always stomp your feet...

Bloom is you

If you enjoy every small detail, if your style is just yours, if nothing stops you from reaching your goals, you take care of the planet and always makes an impact, then...

Bloom is you


Style and innovation move us. Closeness and quality define us. Discover our sustainable commitment and join the Leaf movement.

We are Bloom&You

We are Bloom&You

Welcome to Bloom&You , the place where you can be true to yourself and feel more identified than ever before. We are more than a women's footwear store , we are the place to go when you need inspiration, when you are looking for something you cannot find anywhere else, when you want to get a pairo f shoes that defines you and drives you to conquer the world. So don't be shy: do your search, browse and enjoy.

We have the shoe you are looking for

The new Street Stars collection is inspired by the most urban plans. A collection in search of the most comfortable and cool footwear perfect to accompany you in all your plans and highlight your simplest looks.

Your uniqueness is what makes you special. That is why to create our catalog of women's shoes we research to find models that make you feel alive, strong, beautiful, comfortable and happy.

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