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This cookies policy describes;

  • what cookies are;
  • why we use them;
  • which cookies we use; and
  • how you can manage cookies used on our Website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are placed on your device via your browser when you visit the Website or use the App. Some cookies that we use may collect personal data about you. In our privacy policy, we explain what "personal data" is, what personal data we collect about you and how we use it. You can find more general information about cookies at:

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies do lots of different jobs on the Website. We want you to understand the different types of cookies that we use on the Website.

Generally, the cookies used on our Website perform up to four different functions:

1. Strictly necessary cookies

These are cookies which are strictly necessary for us to provide a service requested by you, or to comply with legal requirements.

We use a number of these 'strictly necessary' cookies. For example, these types of cookies provide the necessary security that your visit to the Website requires, help ensure the content of the pages you request load quickly and remember which Bloom&You products you wish to buy when you put them in your 'Shopping Bag'. Without these cookies, some of the services that you have asked for cannot be provided.

We want you to understand these types of cookies, and why we use them, but we don't need to get your consent to use them on the Website, because we use these cookies only to provide you with services that you have requested.

Cookies Purpose Duration Management
User identification They are used to identify and authenticate the user. They also contain the technical data from the user's session such as, for example, waiting time for connection, session identifier, etc. Session Own cookies
Session identifier They are used to identify the http session of the user. They are common in all web applications to identify user requests during a session. Session Own cookies
Navigational status They allow the user's navigation status to be identified (start of the session, first page, first access, scroll status, state of voting, etc.). Session Own cookies
User selections They store the session values chosen by the user such as the store, language, currency, products, size, etc. Session Own cookies
Favourites and last selections They allow the user's favourite selections to be remembered (stores, for example) as well as their last selections (stores, products, cookies installation consent, etc.) in later web sessions. Session Own cookies
Shopping basket They store information about the mini shopping basket, such as the identification details of the user associated with the aforementioned basket. Session Own cookies
Protocol They allow changes to be processed between secure (https) and non-secure (http) domains (protocol). Session Own cookies

2. Third party Cookies. Analytical cookies

These cookies allow monitoring the website by means of the Google Analytics tool, which is a service provided by Google to obtain user access information on the website.

The configuration of these cookies is predetermined by the service offered by Google and the information generated by the cookie about the use of your website will be transmitted and stored by Google, Inc (a United States-based company). Therefore we suggest to consult the privacy page of Google Analytics.

Please, take into account that we are not responsible for the content or the accuracy of third-party websites.

Cookies Purpose Duration Management
(__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmd, __utmv, __utmz, _ga...) These cookies are Google Analytics cookies. Data saved include: number of times a user visits the website, dates of the first and last visit, duration of the visits, the page from where the user accessed the website, the search engine the user used to access the website or the link they clicked on, the place in the world from where the user accesses, etc. Permanent Third Party

3. Third party Cookies. Social media cookies

Cookies Purpose Duration Management
fr, urlgen, csrftojen and rur

Cookie used by Facebook and Instagram social media for marketing purposes.

For more information visit Facebook Cookies and Instagram Cookies.

Permanent Third Party

Cookies configuration

You may be able to configure your browser to restrict cookies or block all cookies if you wish, however if you disable cookies you may find this affects your ability to use certain parts of our website. Detailed below we have included how you can configure cookies depending on the browser you use.

For more information about cookies and instructions on how to adjust your browser settings to accept, delete or reject cookies, see the website.

Google Chrome:

  • Click on 'Tools' at the top of your browser window and select Options
  • Click the 'Under the Hood' tab, find the 'Privacy' section, and select the 'Content settings' button
  • Select 'Allow local data to be set'

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Click on 'Tools' at the top of your browser window and select 'Internet options' , then click on the 'Privacy' tab
  • Ensure that your Privacy level is set to Medium or below, which will enable cookies in your browser
  • Please note that settings above ‘Medium’ will disable cookies

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on 'Tools' at the top of your browser window and select Options
  • Select the Privacy icon
  • Click on Cookies, then select 'allow sites to set cookies'


  • Click on the Cog icon at the top of your browser window and select the 'Preferences' option
  • Click on 'Security', select the option that says 'Block third-party and advertising cookies'
  • Click 'Save'
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